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vine-twitterYou’ve all heard the expression “Life’s too short for _____”

In taking that to the extreme, we decided to take Vine for a spin. According to the company website, Vine “is a mobile service that lets you create and share short looping videos”. How short? Six Seconds. When we first heard of the service, we thought “what in the world is six seconds of video good for?”

If you have checked the stats on any videos that you have posted to the internet, you will see that most people aren’t watching your entire video. Does that mean your video isn’t worth watching? Not necessarily. People have short attention spans these days. Why do you think Twitter has become so popular? Who would have thought restricting communication to 140 characters at a time would in turn increase communication at such an astonishing level? We’re sure you can find “experts” out there who will tell you that they did, but if their name isn’t Jack Dorsey, odds are they probably didn’t see it coming.

Speaking of Jack Dorsey, the Twitter co-founder was the one that pushed Twitter to acquire Vine in the first place. Safe to say that we only think six seconds of video isn’t useful because we don’t know how to use it. There were probably people that said the same thing about 140 characters back in the pre-Twitter days.

Our staff here at The Laurel Apartments loves technology and exploring ways new products can be used in our industry. We proudly support the St. Louis start-up community and count Techli has one of the sites that gets read in the office daily.

In saying that, we decided to take Vine for a spin. We have plenty of videos up on our YouTube page, but we challenged ourselves to cut an apartment tour down to six seconds. Will someone rent an apartment solely from seeing a video in six seconds? More than likely not, but we hope that it challenges those looking for an apartment home to think what really is important. We all share a belief that our time is too precious to waste. Take a look at the what we think is important to show in six seconds. These are from just our first couple of days playing with the app. Check back here later for more or check out Facebook or Twitter feeds.

Here’s our first video we did. It showcases the community amenities at The Laurel.

— The Laurel MX (@LaurelMX) February 23, 2013

Here’s the second one we did of a beautiful two-bedroom apartment home with a stunning view down Washington Avenue.

It’s a lot easier to film a one-bedroom apartment home in six seconds.

And here’s the Mercantile Exchange District in six seconds.

The official Vine application is only available in the iTunes stores for the iPhone and the iTouch right now, but the co-founder of the company recently tweeted that they are looking to hire an Android developer.

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