Laurel MetroLink Adventures Episode 1: The Delmar Loop

The Convention Center MetroLink station is mere steps away from our front doors. We got the bright idea that this meant we needed to take some adventures to showcase all of the fun places you can go and fun things you can do without having to get in your car.

When I was younger, I took the MetroLink with my dad from the North Hanley Station by his house into downtown for special events and sporting events. It was much easier for us to take the Metro from out there and get dropped off steps away from the action rather than having to drive down and park. I hadn’t really ridden the MetroLink since then. Since I haven’t explored all of the places the MetroLink can take you from downtown to out west, we grabbed a trusty Flipcam and headed out.

This MetroLink station is a little different than a lot of them because it is underground. You take the stairs or the escalator down and there you are in the tunnel. The ticket machine is right there as you walk down. It takes paper money or plastic. For change, it spits out coins.  Fares for the MetroLink and buses can be found here.  We each bought a roundtrip ticket for $4.50.

Every time I ride the MetroLink, I feel like I am on vacation. I leave when I leave, I get there when I get there. I can read a book while I ride or text or whatever. You always find that one person on a trip who thinks it is perfectly okay to talk loudly on a cell phone and annoy everyone around them. I guess that’s par for the course anywhere in life.

We rode past Busch Stadium, the Scottrade Center, Union Station, Saint Louis University and the hospital complex at the Central West End station until we got to The Delmar Loop.

The station is about a block off of Delmar behind The Pageant music venue. Speaking of The Pageant, it is an awesome place to watch a concert. The acts that play there rave about the acoustics. The event in front of the stage is off-limits to food and beverages so you can enjoy the music and “move yo hips” without worrying about some idiot spilling something on you.

Just up from The Pageant is the Moonrise Hotel. The Moonrise is a luxury boutique hotel with St. Louis-themed suites named after folks on the St. Louis Walk of Fame.  Check out this post for a peek at what it’s like to spend at night at the Moonrise.

It was Miranda and I that went on the adventure, so of course we had to do some shopping. We stopped in at Pizzazz Furniture where we found perhaps the most comfortable office chair ever. I also stopped at Miss M’s Candy while Miranda shopped more. She found some great clothes at Sole&Blues and Ziezo.

We decided to eat lunch at the most amazing sandwhich shop in the world, Snarf’s. I’ve been here a couple of times and I must say my favorites are the peanut butter, banana and honey sub and the hot dog, american cheese and bacon sub, both toasted. The most amazing thing about this place? They will be opening fairly soon downtown right next to Pi, meaning they will also be neighbors with us in the Mercantile Exchange.

You can’t go to The Loop without checking out Vintage Vinyl. You know you want to look at some records, maybe see a band play a random show? Speaking of seeing someone play. The legend himself, Chuck Berry, plays at Blueberry Hill once a month. It’s a show and a place you must see.

So many other places on The Delmar Loop that we didn’t get a chance to visit this adventure. For now, check out this video we made. And remember, this is just one of the many places you can go on the MetroLink from The Laurel Apartments.


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  1. Love, Love, LOVE your video! What a great idea… I have to re-post it right now. :)

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